Research Working Group

The research working group contributes to the further development of knowledge transfer and service learning research in German speaking countries. The main topic is civic engagement in university research. In part, it is our goal in the working group to bring together research results to implement knowledge interests and research projects, and to offer universities an orientation knowledge for the design of education through responsibility. Additionally, we find our mission in networking and bringing together researchers in the field of civic engagement in order to further develop the German speaking, and European research landscape.

Contact Person: Prof. Dr. Karl-Heinz Gerholz

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Quality Working Group

The working group deals with the question “What is good service learning?”. Together with the Community, it has been working on quality criteria for service learning and useful instruments for quality development since the summer of 2018. Its purpose is to give actors an orientation on how quality can be ensured and how quality assurance can be taken into account during planning, conception, and implementation. The quality criteria were completed in early 2019 and served as the basis for developing support tools. Since 2020, a subgroup has been working on the development of items for the evaluation of Service Learning.

Interested parties are invited to cooperate!

Contact: Dr. Julia Sonnberger, Maren Schlegler (subgroup evaluation)

More about the quality working group

International Working Group

Contact Person: Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Stark

Academy Working Group

The Academy Working Group deals with the orientation, conception, and organization of the Academy “Education through Responsibility”.

Ansprechperson: Jörg Miller

University of the Future Working Group

Contact Person: Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Stark

Student Engagement Working Group

We promote the integration of student initiatives and student engagement with a social mandate in line with the objectives of the university network. We also want to strengthen and promote the voice of the students, their original commitment, and their own initiative.

Contact Person: Thomas Sporer